Denia, Spain

An Experiment in Conscious Living

Open Sky House is an international Spiritual and Arts Community around the spiritual teacher John David (formerly Premananda). It is an amazing and successful experiment in conscious living that began spontaneously in 2004.

The community in Denia near Valencia in Spain is one of three Open Sky House communities and is situated in a wonderful villa in a lush and spacious tropical paradise with palm trees and a large swimming pool only a five-minute walk to the Mediterranean Sea. This community is the youngest and started in July 2015.

The first Open Sky House community lived for 2 years in the South of Germany. In 2006 they relocated to a beautiful, picturesque 17th Century mansion in Hitdorf, on the banks of the river Rhine, in the centre of Europe, between Cologne and Düsseldorf.

In 2013 a second community opened amidst the wild and peaceful nature of Tripillya, a small village on the banks of the great Dnieper River, near Kiev in Ukraine.

The Open Sky Houses are open to everybody who has come to the point in their lives where they want to know themselves. Not their stories and dramas, but rather their true nature. We are interested to investigate what is holding us back from Truth, from embracing the moment and seeing where we give power to our false self. 'Who am I?' in the core, is the focus within the communities.

From silence and stillness creativity arises naturally. The Open Sky Band plays music for Meetings, mantra singing, community events and just for fun. We are developing facilities in Denia and have space for art, film-making, books, dance and theatre, as well as enjoying creativity in cooking, gardening and construction.

The name Open Sky is a warm welcome for everybody, and we invite you to visit us. We invite you to become still. We invite you to Be As You Are.

Open Sky Seminar House
Carrer LleĆ³ 11, 03700 Denia - Las Rotas, Spain
Tel.: +34 691 372 916

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